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Undead by ZEPHIEL Undead :iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 1 0 Untitled by ZEPHIEL Untitled :iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 1 0
Insurgency is dead!
Baseless infection, rotting mind,
shivers humanity test of time,
break in pieces, come undone,
Your not the only one.
And when we, all are gone,
mindless slaves to walk among,
The dying beautiful world today,
This shadow of the gray.
An infection in the world, a deadly disease,
And public speakers, spread its rancid breaze,
A spark to the flame, and its burning in your brain,
Like a bullet in my head, the Insurgency is dead!
Cast a light, a scarlet hue,
It shimmers in, the morning dew,
a day gleaned with. smoke and dust,
Exploded shrapnel, encased in rust,
caustic filament, of infection,
let the medicine face rejection,
simmer ,while you die inside,
A hollow shell, Your grave to hide
An infection in the world, a deadly disease,
Political speech casts its rancid breeze,
A spark to the flame, and its burning in your brain,
Like a bullet in my head, the Insurgency is dead!
Lie in fire, kill your self,
There is no hope, no chance of wealth
A fabricated lie, they painted for you
toxic water
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 0 0
A world out side of View
Depression is to an artist who paints with his soul the most painful brushes and the most tender of strokes, each word and phrase a moment of a life in rewind, a perspective in critical decline, as they draw the would just out of view, a place they share with only a few.
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 1 0
Mature content
Suicide :iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 0 6
Steam Punk Goggles. by ZEPHIEL Steam Punk Goggles. :iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 4 8
Just a few steps from redempti
Just a few steps from redemption, but far to many more to my grave,
a slave, I dream of a better delusional world, a pain in my soul that
requiems with all I know, like the surgery in my heart, the bullet kickstart,
For the degradating mind.
Lost in time.
so far gone, and its been far to long, to see it this way, the sky fades away.
The dreams, hold to so long, Lost in all those things you say,
I wish I could fake my self, just to find salvation, but I'm in a plane crashing
too far from a fueling station, my empty wealth, emotional starvation...
I'm on the path of the neuro evasion, like a trance into my subatomic soul's particalization, I'm just a figment of my own corruption, and lost thought in a emotional volcanic eruption, I'm so cold but I'm melted steel, like breathing, I fucking hate being real, nothing is the same anymore, like a flame burning a child in a biochemical war.
Trying the insanity, decompile humanity, basic code lost in the people plaster and mold, take hold while
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 0 0
Reflective Subjective
Although reality is but a reflection,
We enter from a terminal connection.
Subject In for Injection,
Look inside yourself for discorporate rejection,
In the mind is a deep infection,
Critical Soldier Red Faction,
Broken illogical subtraction,
Particle ion attraction,
Chemical anti-reaction,
temporal dissatisfaction,
all in neurological refraction.
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 2 2
Rise up
In a world so beautiful, so self destructive,
reflective, mirrors that slice the wrist,
the spiraling path of your life in a twist,
don't look back, just raise your fist,
shun those who dissed and let them know you are pissed.
Fight the fight, for this fight is right,
the blood in my veins, it surges with vengeance,
The world can't take anymore neglectance,
let go of self indulgence, this is an insurgence,  
remembering names, all those selfish games, the crimson stains,
the shattering of reality like fragile painted window panes.
Outcast of society, filled with anxiety,
The world filled with intensity, tremendously yet chaotically,
Not like the majority, don't trust their authority,
When missiles rain down explosively, exponential velocity,
the kind of sinister that destroys a city,
can't respect such a committee, Killing isn't a necessity,
We just want peace love and unity, a sense of hope and security.
not a fan of this bleak prospect, war cause n effect,
But about the world and lif
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 4 0
I Struggle, to stay sane.
I Struggle, to stay sane.
I feel like I'm falling apart, most of the time.
Lies, that is what I smile with,
my happiness is just as hollow as me.
Broken, I'm the embodiment of glass.
I'm the past tense of being bludgeoned.
Oh it hurts. But What is pain?
I'm not so sure. Not sure I know anymore.
Things seep together. I float, like a rock in space.
I'm lost. Most of the time, I stay inside.
I like to hide. It hurts less.
If I was cold, I'd be great.
I envy the sociopathic.
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 3 0
Angels in your heart by ZEPHIEL Angels in your heart :iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 3 11
I always end up hurting...
Maybe the problem is me...
I hate my self...loath my self...
I'm just a fool....
I'm just a tool
please chew me up,
let me be your toy,
Just wanted bring you joy.
I never want you to cry
Yet I cry so much,
you push me away
an addict with a crush.
I wish the pain of the past could go away
I wish I could make you want me to stay,
I know you think I'll reject you,
But thats ain't my way.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day,
but life likes to disappoint
Stick its jagged edge in my flesh.
and shred me with a poisoned point
so I can die, infected and cold.
And hurt, a caged animal sold.
I love you though...
Please...don't let me go.
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 1 9
Counting down on me.
Sometimes It feels like I'm never good enough,
I grew up rough to stay tough,
but in my mind I feel like I'm always to blame,
built into this shame, Like I aint even sane,
and It hurts, cause I hangon to every word,
Every thought every vision I ever seen,
flashes infront of me,
my life is hell on a tv screen,
all in my mind, and I cant seem to find
the words needed so I can express my mind,
I'm falling appart, like a emotional wreckage,
I'm not noahs ark, i'm the titanic in a panic,
sinking ship and I iceburge rammed it,
smashed it, like everything else in my life,
ruined because I can't even handle this strife,
Rather put a gun to my head or slit my throat with a knife
all this pain, all this for no gain and I'm going insane,
smashed appart like my own self destructive art,
wounded heart like trainwreak afterdark,
I'm the spark, that seems to ruin everything good,
and it seems all I ever do is all I ever would,
let everything go to hell, including my self as well,
freaking over nothin
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 1 4
What I am.
I'm just a man doing what I can with the cards dealt to my hand,
Doing the best I can to fight for whats right, a neurological dark knight,
Even with the strife and the pain,
always bettering my self so I'm never the same,
I'm a lyrical concept beyond the proverbial edge,
Balanced between a slit wrist and kamikazi checklist,
So much shit in my life to cause me sorrow
but I'm still here face the bright dawn of the morrow
My words are real and vicious, I don't just drop plates I drop all the dishes,
My dreams are loving multidimensional wishes,
But in my Anger I send the corrupt to sleep with the fishes
I'm dangerous, like a biochemical meltdown,
More sapiopathic then my father I let down,
But he wasn't ever really a father to me,
just a sick man who took things out on me abusively
But I'm here to rise past all that shit and make my way to get what i can get,
I'll be a better father then you even believed a man could be,
I'll find the wisedom to raise my own family,
and I'll try harder t
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 1 28
confusion and love
Maybe ill play the villain, and be a theatrical act
So when I'm gone they wont have something to take back.
Like a shell in which I wait and bleed untill I crack
And sacrifice my everything to slip into the black.
Its a sentiment of internally despair
a fracture of idealistic impair,
and in a world where nothing is ever fair.
But even then in the end ill love you, I swear
It sometimes feels like I'm in perpetual fear,
The fear of nothingness and to never hold you near
I just want the shadows to go away so I can see you clear,
and kiss you cause I love you, your beautiful dear
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 4 4
wage love not war
The worst has come to pass, this is naught but the chemical relapse,
Time is but a stain in the fabric, oh its artistic, it doesn't need bleach
, it needs happiness, sunshine and a heart like a sunny beach.
its the catnip of the soul, burning pages of a lie you were told.
A cup of chai to let the pain subside,
And a smile behind which you don't hide.
And a cups worth of tears is what a flower needs to grow,
And world with love rather then fear is what I wish to know.
I want winter by a fire, and picnics in spring.
I want happiness and the feels sealed with a ring
I want dreams brought to life and I want to protect others from strife.
I wage love not war.
Other then happiness, what is there to live for?
:iconzephiel:ZEPHIEL 3 0

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